Stop Dieting For Life Programs

A Lively, Fun and Life-Changing Online Experience!

Level 1: The Stop Dieting For Life Membership

A Lively, Fun and Life-Changing Online Experience!

You will:

  • Lose weight at a healthy pace while you learn powerful truth that changes your heart first, then your actions
  • Discover how God designed your body, mind and spirit to be free from the enslaving power of food and bad eating habits
  • Uncover the obstacles that have held you back in the past and remove them
  • Establish a new solid foundation that will enable you to manage your weight forever
  • Discover how to easy it is to eat and and manage your heath in a God-honoring way
  • Build your own personal eating plan tailored to your life, schedule, family demands, etc.
  • Outsmart the old patterns that set you back
  • Wise up to our culture and food quality – to protect yourself and your family
  • Grow spiritually, learning to lean on the power God has given you to overcome strongholds and temptations
  • Become a walking testimony of the power of Christ in you!

You will NOT:

  • Blindly follow someone else’s idea of a “diet”
  • Rely on pills, products or shakes, or any other “magic” formulas
  • See losing weight or eating in the same way ever again!
  • Lose weight fast only to gain it all back

How does it work?

  • First, Simply Enroll by clicking on the button below!
  • Next, check your e-mail where you will receive your user id and password for the Online Campus!
  • Log in and view the Orientation, and jump into the full membership experience!
  • Enjoy the coursework at your own pace and allow the Lord to work in you!
  • Enjoy the special bonus training material to supplement your learning!

What do you do after you complete the Stop Dieting For Life course work?
Your journey continues with our progressive implementation program.

Meet Laura Fulford

Laura Fulford is the Founder and Co-author of the Stop Dieting for Life System.  She graduated from Wake Forest University with a B.S. in Exercise Science.  Laura is a certified Life Coach and Wellness Coach. She battled her weight for nearly 4 decades before learning she was trying to solve the wrong problem with all the wrong solutions.

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