Christmas DinnerThe situations we routinely encounter during the holiday season trigger all of our natural food instincts. Before now, did you know there was a screaming team of 5 in your head beckoning you to gnosh like a Boarhog in a bucket of sweetfeed?

What can you do to prevent this team from ganging up on you?

First of all, be aware of what you are fighting against.  Then take these preventative steps:

  1. Don’t go anywhere hungry – eat small healthy meals and keep healthy snacks with you – I am talking fruit and vegetables.  Remember that food tastes best when you are hungry – an apple or some carrots will taste great when your tummy is growling.  By all means do NOT give your growling tummy a cookie, dough-nut, bag of Doritos, French fries, pizza etc.
  2. Keep healthy food available at all times.  See number 1.
  3. Avert your eyes from tempting foods. Duh.  Don’t watch the commercials.  Don’t look at the food your co-workers brought.  See partial list in number 1.
  4. Eat a variety of fruits and vegetable and AVOID buffets.  If you find yourself at a pot-luck or in front of a huge spread of food, decide what 3 things you will eat and let that be it.  And don’t ever go to a buffet hungry.  That’s just plain stupid.
  5. If you possess more self control than I do, you can allow yourself a small amount of a high Calorie treat.  BUT – do not have your treat when you are hungry (see number 1).  Only when full, have a small taste of whatever poison you see as a treat.  Savor momentarily.  Then chase it with a big glass of water and go brush your teeth.  These types of treats can be dangerous.  They want to seduce you.  Do not let them have their way with you.

Will puppies die if you gain weight this holiday season?  No.  But there is a more compelling reason to check ourselves in relation to what we allow in our lives.  

How does God want us to relate to food (or any excesses), not only during the Holidays – but always?  We live in a culture of excess everything – but what is God’s perspective on what and how we should eat?   Take a moment to ask God and reflect on His best for you.

God is calling us to a better place, in right relationship with Him, with others, and with ourselves. God desires a life for us led by the Holy Spirit, rather than by our instincts and impulses of the flesh. Christmas draws our attention to Immanuel, God with us. It reminds us that He dwells in us because our bodies are his temple.  Rather than a season of excesses, it can be a season for sharing our excess with those without enough. As we do even for the least of these, we will see Jesus this season.

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