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He said to her, “Your Sins are Forgiven” - Have you learned anything new about yourself during this season of isolation and quarantine? I’m a bit introspective anyway, perhaps too much. Yet, the light of God’s word helps me process self-discoveries and teaches me what to make of them. I’m prone to sin. This isn’t new. What’s new is discovering all the subtle ways I avoid facing it. It’s like that cabinet I hadn’t opened in a while - then upon opening it, watching a thriving community of bugs… READ MORE
The Low Down on High Protein - I’ve been watching my weight long enough to witness the fickle fingers of fat loss leap from one fad to the next. It’s been a revolving door of love-hate relationships with protein, carbs and fat, depending on the decade. It’s like middle school, but with macronutrients. Remember vintage Atkins (the 70’s version) in its bacon-eating heyday? Sorry pork rinds, the carb loving 80’s kicked you to the curb. When the cool kids got puffy on pasta, they ran to lean… READ MORE
Help! I Can’t Stop Snacking! - Who hasn’t struggled with “acute repetitive hand to mouth disorder?” Ok, I mean snacking. But I’ve had my fair share of face time with this “disorder.” I’m a bit of an anxious overeater. Sit me next to a bag of anything sweet or crunchy and I will eat until it’s gone or when I die, whichever comes first. Snacks are seductive, dressing themselves up in pretty packages and emitting enticing smells. They give us just what we crave: immediate pleasure, stress… READ MORE
Doctor, Please Remove My Sweet Tooth - Have you ever wished dentists could remove your sweet tooth like they do your wisdom teeth? I suppose it’s for the best they can't, since technically, our sweet tooth is in our brains. Still, a girl can dream. Although my sweet tooth is not the monster it used to be, I still crave sweets. I blame my Southern upbringing. I sometimes wonder what would be left of the South if everything with sugar in it suddenly dissolved. Down here, a… READ MORE
Processed Food: Is it OK to Flirt? - What’s the big deal about processed food? Is it really that bad? For clarity, I consider processed food any food that has been modified from the way that it occurs in nature. A carrot is a whole food. A carrot muffin is a processed food. Even if the muffin is “organic,” low fat, low sugar, and/or gluten free, it’s still a processed food. The average American's daily diet consists of about 70% processed food. I find that many women struggle… READ MORE
Weight Loss Mind Games - Everyone has a learning style. Mine? The hard way. Maybe that's why it took me just a hair shy of 40 years to admit to myself that this weight loss thing I chased relentlessly wasn't working. Well, I take that back - it worked sometimes, but it was that gaining-it-all-back part that ruined everything. For a long time, I avoided asking myself why. Instead, my failures derailed me, discouraged me, and diverted me from asking good questions. Helpful questions. Questions… READ MORE
Calories Don’t Matter Except When They Do - Some say that if you just eat healthy, calories don’t matter. But the only people I’ve ever heard say this are skinny people. No disrespect, thin friends. But it doesn't appear you understand the struggle. Calories are an issue for some of us. “Just stop when you’re full,” they say. “Just eat half the cookie,” they say. Apparently, my tummy’s signal isn’t doing its job as a deterrent. Or perhaps my mouth is telling it to look away and mind… READ MORE
Diets are DUMB. But You’re Not - How serious are you about managing your weight? Losing it? Getting control over it? If you are serious, then stop dieting. Dieting is dumb. You are not. So, if you thought about it for a moment, maybe you'd consider an alternative way to go about it. How is dieting dumb, you might ask? Starting another diet is like hiring a taxi to drive you in a circle. It’s not only pointless, it’s a waste of time, money and emotion. The… READ MORE
#accountability #weightloss Got People? Your Secret Weapon for Weight Loss: Support - Support relationships make a big difference in weight loss. They are not only important, but can be incredibly fun and rewarding.   A song made famous by Barbara Streisand claims that people who need people are the luckiest people of all. But we aren’t just lucky, God made us this way. From conception to passing, our surviving and thriving depend on other people. God is relational - He designed us to need Him and each other.  He considered these relationships… READ MORE
How to Dodge The Storm of the Season - Do you recall the movie “The Perfect Storm?” The scary weather beast in the story grew to its “perfection” because it was the combination of 3 storms that collided into one huge destructive force of nature. Well, guess what's in the seasonal forecast for your waistline: three storms all lined up and swirling. Storm Number One First, food is everywhere. Why is every celebration built around a collection of calorie nightmares? The Church parties, work parties, food gifts, and extra… READ MORE

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Laura Fulford is the Founder and Co-author of the Stop Dieting for Life System.  She graduated from Wake Forest University with a B.S. in Exercise Science.  Laura is a certified Life Coach and Wellness Coach. She battled her weight for nearly 4 decades before learning she was trying to solve the wrong problem with all the wrong solutions.

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