Pancakes were always a favorite of mine. Even so, during my 4 decades of yo-yo dieting, I considered pancakes “off limits.” I knew that they had no redeeming value nutritionally. But my more compelling hesitation back then was that I knew I couldn’t relax and enjoy them because a battle would erupt in my head. 

My guilt would say sternly, “You know good and well we shouldn’t be eating this.”  Trying to over talk my guilt, the pleasure center of my brain would be screaming “Darn the torpedoes, get more syrup!”

A Star is Born

One day I saw a recipe for 2 ingredient pancakes: 1 egg, and 1 over ripe banana. Sounded awful. It was.

But I saw the potential to make this yellow monstrosity into something palatable and edible without guilt. And this is how my version of the Protein Banana Pancake was born.

Here is the recipe: 

Recipe: Banana Protein Pancakes

I tend to make these on any of 3 occasions:

  • Sunday after church for a “brunchy” meal
  • When I have several over ripe bananas I don’t want to throw away
  • When I want something sweet

The whole recipe has 392 calories. If you eat all of the 5-6 pancakes that it makes, which I typically do, it is not a tragedy. On the contrary, that’s just about right for a single meal with a good macro-nutrient balance. (63%/16%/21% –  carbs/fat/protein)

I have also doubled and tripled the recipe and frozen the extras.  The frozen ones I take 1-2 at a time and pop them in the toaster for a quick breakfast with a some Greek yogurt or fruit. 

If you try the recipe, please let me know your thoughts! 

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