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He said to her, “Your Sins are Forgiven” - Have you learned anything new about yourself during this season of isolation and quarantine? I’m a bit introspective anyway, perhaps too much. Yet, the light of God’s word helps me process self-discoveries and teaches me what to make of them. I’m prone to sin. This isn’t new. What’s new is discovering all the subtle ways I avoid facing it. It’s like that cabinet I hadn’t opened in a while - then upon opening it, watching a thriving community of bugs… READ MORE
The Low Down on High Protein - I’ve been watching my weight long enough to witness the fickle fingers of fat loss leap from one fad to the next. It’s been a revolving door of love-hate relationships with protein, carbs and fat, depending on the decade. It’s like middle school, but with macronutrients. Remember vintage Atkins (the 70’s version) in its bacon-eating heyday? Sorry pork rinds, the carb loving 80’s kicked you to the curb. When the cool kids got puffy on pasta, they ran to lean… READ MORE
Help! I Can’t Stop Snacking! - Who hasn’t struggled with “acute repetitive hand to mouth disorder?” Ok, I mean snacking. But I’ve had my fair share of face time with this “disorder.” I’m a bit of an anxious overeater. Sit me next to a bag of anything sweet or crunchy and I will eat until it’s gone or when I die, whichever comes first. Snacks are seductive, dressing themselves up in pretty packages and emitting enticing smells. They give us just what we crave: immediate pleasure, stress… READ MORE

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Laura Fulford is the Founder and Co-author of the Stop Dieting for Life System.  She graduated from Wake Forest University with a B.S. in Exercise Science and is a certified Life Coach and Wellness Coach. After battling her weight for nearly 4 decades, she had her own "Road to Damascus" moment. She learned that she had been fighting the wrong enemy with the wrong weapons.


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